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Loew Vineyards

Loew Vineyards
The history of winemaking in the Loew family is a story that dates back to the mid-19th century in the part of Europe known as Galicia, in the Austro-Hungarian empire. At that time, the Loew family established a honey wine brewery in Bursztyn and later in Lemberg, exporting wines throughout Europe. A copy of one of the early bottle labels still persists. The family winery remained in business until World War II broke out.

Several years after Bill Loew arrived in the United States, he and Lois (Hendrickson) met, married, and established a home and family – with three beautiful and bright daughters. Bill, an engineer by profession, also decided to

 reconnect with his family roots, and began making wine.

Bill and Lois began the search for a suitable spot favorable to grape growing. In March 1982, they settled on a 37-acre parcel on Liberty Road in Frederick County after receiving help from consultants like measuring and analyzing the soil. Eager to get started, they cleared the remains of the corn crop and plowed the land; they ordered vines from Philip Wagner and others, and planted in May. Two years later, they began the paper work saga required to become a winery, became bonded in July, 1985, and did the first commercial crush that fall. The first bottle of wine was sold in August, 1986.

Growing and wine-making practices are definitely hands-on. The intention is to remain small, with an emphasis on quality control and personal care for both the vines and the wines. It’s a great pleasure to share a love for wine with the folks who visit the winery.

Loew Vineyards

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