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Olde Mother Brewing Company

Olde Mother Brewing Company

From a rocky start to one of the best breweries in the county. It’s really as simple as that.

But if you really want more information: Nick and Keith, the proprietors, opened Olde Mother right around Halloween of 2015. At the time, they were brewing on what can best be described as a souped up homebrewer’s system – no ability to chill their wort, no real quality control – they were learning as they went along.

Two months after their opening, I stopped in for a flight of six beers. It was not a pleasant experience. At least three of the beers were infected, two were best described as off, and the sixth was, at best, okay.

Fast forward to the beginning of October of 2016, when I was assigned by The Frederick News-Post to write a piece on the brewery ahead of their first anniversary. It was the first time I was back since that month-two visit.

I sat down with the two founders of the tiny brewery on the east side of Frederick (moving to North Market Street within the next year) to talk to them about their first year in business. Nick brought me a series of samples of everything on tap that early October. To put it simply, I was amazed.

This was not the same brewery.

I told them as much – I told them that the beers I had that night, “the difference was night and day.”

At which point Nick responded,  “a year from now, I want you sitting in that seat across from me saying the same thing.”

As I sit writing this a year later, I’m not sure that I can quite say the same, but they have continued to improve. They are doing one of the best hazy NEIPA’s in the state, and continue their push to improve. That last point, in and of itself is commendable – there is no complacency for the Olde Mother brain trust. They remain one of the most under-appreciated breweries in the state, and I’m hoping that the expansion, and scaling up of production won’t set them back for any period, but only allow them to keep moving forward.

For my money, this is one of the must-hit breweries for the craft beer geek – well…and anyone else who enjoys well crafted brews. One note: If you’ve been, and you’re looking for a return visit, keep in mind that the beer menu is constantly changing, so there’s always a chance that your favorite brew from your first visit might not be on tap that second time, it gives you a chance possibly to find yourself a new favorite.

Olde Mother Brewing Company

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Kevin Smith

A veteran reporter of more than two decades, Kevin Smith has been covering the Maryland Beer industry since 2005 when he covered the business beat for the Frederick Gazette. Since early 2007, he has covered Maryland for the Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, and penned columns about craft beer for, The Frederick News-Post,, and Maryland Life Magazine. He has also written about the wine industry in the Mid-Atlantic region for The Frederick Gazette, Wine Business Monthly, and Hagerstown Magazine. Kevin currently lives in Western Frederick County with his wife, two daughters, and his goofy dog, Fezzik.

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